Floriano Santoro

Rent a Guitarist

  • Book a guitar accompanist

  • Professional guitar tracks for your production
  • Is your recording lacking a professional touch? Want to give it the brilliance of a well-rehearsed stringed instrument?

  • Do you have a clear vision of how a great solo or riff should sound in your songs? Don’t know a guitarist who can help you with little effort and for a reasonable price?

  • Missing a guitarist for an important studio job? Or simply don’t have one?

  • Creativity or inspiration on strike?

I offer support in a quick, uncomplicated and, when needed, discrete manner. Simply send your playback electronically to the server in our recording studio.  You’ll quickly receive the desired professional guitar sounds as separate tracks.  Irrespective of style and guitar, with my experience as a studio guitarist your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Why wait?