Floriano Santoro

Many thanks to all the terrific people who have contributed to “In Stereo“.

Massimo Buonanno


  • Studied at the "Drummer's Collective" in New York

Petros Tsipoulidis

  • Graduate of M.I.T. in Los Angeles
  • Session bassist: Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Greece.

Pascal Huber

  • Certified musician for contemporary music. Lecturer and instructor for keyboard instruments.
  • Composer of complex arrangements for conceptual music.

Klaus Strazicky 


  • Engineer & producer
  • You'll find his name on more than 25 million albums and more than 100 film and TV scores.


Christoph Stickel


  • Senior Mastering Engineer (msm Studios München)
  • The Dr. House of sound diagnostic

Eddy Sloof 


  • Passionate (V-)drummer
  • Born and raised in Holland
  • Active as a drummer, sound technician and producer in Switzerland since 1988

Thomas Leiser alias "Sonnenbad"


  • Sonnenbad (sun bath) designer
  • Designer, artist, problem solver and Brainpool activist

Ruth Bischofberger


  • The flute fairy

Carmen Maria Widmer Estevez


  • Dialogues / Photographs